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I created the CityVille Ultimate Cheat 1.0 to help the millions of fans develop faster! After only a few months, more than 10,000 users have downloaded my cheat and are using it happily to defeat their friends :)

What can this CityVille cheat do?

This cheat can do ANYTHING you wish for :) It will modify the number of coins, energy, cash and goods in your CityVille account in only a few seconds! I got to level 100 (currently the maximum level in the game) in only 2 weeks (I think that is a record lol). If you have more suggestion on what this cheat could do in its next versions, please post them in the comments section and I will probably implement your suggestions!

Any more questions about this CityVille cheat?

If you need instructions on how to use this cheat, please go to this post.

See how CityVille Ultimate Cheat looks before you download it:


cityville pictures










Click here to download the CityVille cheat!

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