CityVille Cheat For Coins, Energy, Cash & Goods

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I created the CityVille Ultimate Cheat 1.0 to help the millions of fans develop faster! After only a few months, more than 10,000 users have downloaded my cheat and are using it happily to defeat their friends :)

What can this CityVille cheat do?

This cheat can do ANYTHING you wish for :) It will modify the number of coins, energy, cash and goods in your CityVille account in only a few seconds! I got to level 100 (currently the maximum level in the game) in only 2 weeks (I think that is a record lol). If you have more suggestion on what this cheat could do in its next versions, please post them in the comments section and I will probably implement your suggestions!

Any more questions about this CityVille cheat?

If you need instructions on how to use this cheat, please go to this post.

See how CityVille Ultimate Cheat looks before you download it:


cityville pictures










Click here to download the CityVille cheat!

Holidays Opportunities

Merry Christmas CityVille Fans! You favorite game is going to surprise you with lots of new gifts and items! Be aware that even if you are using the CityVille cheat, you will still need to collect those unique items if you want to have them in your inventory. Check out CityVille’s wall for more details about the new opportunities.

CityVille Badge

cityville pic

If you are a real CityVille fan, be sure to add this badge to your profile pic! Let’s see how many real CityVille fans are out there. I’m sure I’m one of them 😉

Halloween Special

New buildings & contests are available for Halloween! Check your CityVille and decorate it for the Ultimate CityVille Halloween Decorating Contest and build the limited edition buildings. Don’t forget to use the CityVille Cheat to make your dream village come true 😉

Update (part 2)

Be sure to log into your CityVille account today, some great limited edition items had been released by the game-developing team! Also continue to enjoy the cheat! :)


Okay, 24 hours after I found out that Zynga added new levels to CityVille, I’m already at level 90! Good luck in the game and enjoy this CityVille Cheat that will make your life so much easier! :)

CityVille added new levels!

CityVille just added some new levels!! I will do a test to see how much it will take me to master them all (of course with the help of my CityVille cheat :) I will report back when I finish all the levels!

See this video for more instructions on how this CityVille cheat works! The download link for the cheat can be found in the first post of the blog!


Just to let you know….

I am now trying to win the City Of The Week Contest :) I know I have all the resources that I need, this is simply a design challenge now. Wish me good luck :)

Great Updates Coming On CityVille!

Zynga Just announced some great that updates that they will release soon!

* Active Buildings: How does that work? Check out the new Visitor Center. That is the first of many Active Buildings to come.
* Factories: Zero-emissions. They will produce… Wait and see!
* Retail Themed Quests, Buildings and Decorations!
* Various bug fixes: Smoothing out a few rough edges.

Can’t wait to test them and maybe update the bot if it needs to!

I’ve seen a few comments on my YouTube video that some of you don’t know how to use this cheat. I thought it was very easy to use, but I now wrote some instructions for those of you that didn’t figure out how to use it.

Click here to download the instructions

PS. New landmarkers are available in CityVille, be sure to check them out, they look great!

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